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Aerodrome Operation Management

This course will provide you with the information on how to manage the aerodrome operations on daily basis. It will also bring to your attention daily duties of aerodrome duty officer including all aspects related to airport maneuvering area and cooperation with all airport stakeholders. All safety related data will be discussed and explained.


Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 

  • Understand aerodrome reference code 
  • Monitor and inspect movement areas and related facilities 
  • Manage operations in LVP 
  • Manage of night operations 
  • Plan your aerodrome works safely 
  • Understand aerodrome emergency planning phase 
  • Define personnel requirements of the aerodrome ops division

  • ICAO 14 Annex explanation 
  • General description of the aerodrome operations manual and its content 
  • Navigation aids description 
  • Runways and taxiways characteristics 
  • Other aerodrome related documents

This course is recommended for: 

  • Those who plan to work for Aerodrome Operator 
  • Airline representatives 
  • Ground staff carrying duties in the airport maneuvering area

An IATA Certificate is awarded to participants successfully passing the final exam.

490 USD for 16hrs course

Minimum number of students: 5